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Aired 6-7p ET • Senators Question Trump's Secretary of State Nominee. Aired 6-7p ET • Senate Questions Trump's Attorney General Pick; Intel Chiefs Presented Trump with Claims of Russian Efforts to Compromise Him.

Aired 5- p ET • Interview With Idaho Senator James Risch; Interview With New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez; Senate Questions Trump's Secretary of State Nominee; : Trump: Won't Sell Firm, But Sons 'Taking Total Control'; Unprecedented Criticism of Trump's Attorney General Pick; New U. Aired 5-6p ET • Top Intel Officials Informe D Trump, Obama of Russian Efforts to Compromise Trump; Senate Questions Trump Attorney General Nominee.

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Aired 6-7p ET • Kremlin: Plans in the Works for Trump-Putin Meeting; Battle Lines Drawn Over Trump Cabinet Picks; Trump: Cabinet Nominees are 'Going to Do Very Well'; Trump Lashes Out after Criticism by Meryl Streep; Hillary Clinton Gets Standing Ovation at Broadway Play; North Korea: Can Launch ICBM "Anytime, Anywhere".

Aired 5-6p ET • Interview With Congressman Adam Schiff; Interview With Senator Cory Gardner; Airport Shooting Suspect in Court; Trump's Big Week; Pentagon: U. Navy Ship Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Boats; Trump's Son-in-Law Named Senior Advisor.

Aired 5-6p ET • Obama Defends Free Press in Final News Conference; Dems Grill Controversial Health, EPA Nominees.

Aired 5-p ET • Interview With West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin; Bush 41 in Hospital; Cabinet Showdowns; President Obama Holds Final News Conference; Disaster Could Put Obama Cabinet Member in Oval Office.

Aired 6-7p ET • Expelled Russian Preparing to Leave U.

S.; Trump Praises 'Great Move' by 'Very Smart' Putin; Court Reinstates Kennedy Relative's Murder Conviction; NY Mayor: "Extraordinary" Security For Times Square; Expelled Russians Preparing To Leave U. Aired 5-6p ET • Winter Weather Intensifying; Interview With Congressman Adam Smith; President Obama Announces Sanctions Against Russia; Trump Statement on Russia Sanctions: Time "To Move On"; Debbie Reynolds Dies A Day After Daughter Carrie Fisher.Aired 5-6p ET • ISIS Says It's Behind Nightclub Massacre as Manhunt Intensifies; Trump: North Korean Nukes Able to Hit U. "Won't Happen"; Dems Threaten to Stall Action on Trump Nominees; Trump Praises Dubai Business Partner at New Year's Eve Party.Aired 6-7p ET • Interview With California Congressman John Garamendi; Skakel Case; Putin Responds to Russia Sanctions; Top 10 Political Moments of 2016; CNN Film on the Band Chicago Airs New Year's Day; Trump: Putin 'Very Smart' for Response to U. Sanctions; Murder Conviction Reinstated for Michael Skakel.Aired 6-7p ET • President Obama Commutes Sentence of Chelsea Manning; Obama Pardons General Cartwright, Who Lied about Leaks; Interview with Sen.Robert Menendez; Putin: Claims of Trump Surveillance are 'Rubbish'; U. Ambassador Warns Trump about Russian Aggression; Confirmation Hearing for Trump's Education Nominee.Aired 5-6p ET • Senate Questions Trump's Education Secretary Nominee. Martin, Meets MLK's Son; Russia Praises Trump for Calling NATO 'Obsolete'; Rice: Trump Would Be 'Foolish' to Rip Up Iran Deal, Move Tel Aviv Embassy; Ivanka Trump Preparing for Unique Role in White House; Trump's Son-in-Law to Tackle Middle East Peace Negotiations.