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Add a picnic on paper plates and you have a full paper day out!

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You used my index fingers to rub the spray of reddish-brown curls tumbled to the floor.It’s one of Brad’s favorite bands, and the concert was a couple weeks after our anniversary so it worked out perfectly. If you want to have at least one surprise, give him/her another paper gift mentioned in this post.I even saved our tickets and framed them to always remember the occasion. Celebrate your first anniversary by jetting off with airline tickets. ART PRINTS Brad gave me an Indiana print (where we both grew up and currently live) I’d been coveting for my 1st anniversary gift. There are tons of sentimental and customizable art prints out there. PAPER PRODUCTS (stationery, business cards, etc.) This is quite the obvious paper product gift idea.Today I’m sharing 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas.The traditional gift theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper. But, as usual, I’m only going to cover the traditional gifts. TICKETS (airline, concert, sports event, museum, musical, etc.) For our first wedding anniversary, I gave Brad (and myself) Zac Brown Band concert tickets.International dating sites for marriage destruction was overwhelming.