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Dating coaches go beyond just helping to find a match and also work on clients’ self-presentation and social skills.

“Online dating can help you get a date,” said Chris Luna, “but it doesn’t guarantee that you have the social skills to build the right emotional connection and then move things along intimately.” Luna owns Craft of Charisma on Canal Street, through which he offers services from 0 to ,000 to help men choose the appropriate dating site, set up a profile, hire a photographer and even consult on selecting the most optimal shots.

Online dating is about “improving on the real-world experience,” said Mark Brooks, who owns an Internet- dating industry consultancy called Courtland Brooks, based in Malta. When you’re pursuing someone, you don’t wait a few days before contacting them.

Realistically, however, the sheer number of prospective partners creates its own major problem—but also a huge business opportunity.Market research firm IBISWorld estimates 8% of the nearly 4,000 dating services nationwide, including online apps, matchmakers and singles events planners, are based in New York state.The service is available in five cities, and Tessler and Kay are looking to expand nationwide.Scaling to Match.com-like capacity, however, is not one of their goals: “We want to remain a lifestyle brand,” said Tessler.He paid the fee—0—and completed out a 30-question survey.

Two months later, he was going on several dates a week. Too many fish Like most online daters these days, Ross spends most of her online-dating time on her smartphone.

Today, 15% of American adults utilize online dating, which, along with mobile, generates the majority of the industry’s .4 billion in revenue.

“The Internet has become the largest context for meeting a new dating partner, more so than through friends, religious groups, bars, work and school,” said Justin Garcia, an evolutionary biologist and sex researcher at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute and co-author of the annual Singles in America survey.

Her return on investment looks good: Of the 25 or so people Ross has been on dates with in the past 12 months, most have come from mobile apps, the segment that is the chief driver of the 5% annual growth over the past five years in digital dating, according to IBISWorld.

In some ways, mobile appeals because it mimics the offline experience better than desktop dating does.

The Dating Ring also offers a premium membership starting at ,500 per year, and combines traditional matchmaking with coaching.