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Schools don't grow that much, or that quickly, if they aren't servicing a specific need, and certainly that's true of TFS. I’m honoured to head such a school.” What TFS says: Academic excellence is our bedrock.The acronym stands for Toronto French School, which is the name that the school was founded with, though in time it was offering a lot more than the name suggested. TFS offers a blend of three distinguished curricula - the best of France and Ontario, and the International Baccalaureate programs from PK to Grade 12 - providing our students with an education that is rich in challenge, diversity and opportunity.Dedicated gifted programs: Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide.

The school celebrated it's 50th anniversary in 2012, marking the end of an astonishing period of growth and development. “There are few schools like TFS in the world,” stated Dr. “Students are immersed in and master French, as well as other languages, and they study multiple international curricula all within a wonderfully diverse and supportive community.

The school really did start in a basement, moving from there into a range of branches throughout Toronto, in time consolidating onto the two campuses that the school occupies today. I can’t imagine how you could better prepare your child for the complex, interconnected world we now live in.

Language remains an important part of the curriculum, though the culture of the school reaches beyond language. The student body is culturally and academically diverse, all of which is encouraged through a robust bursary program. Programs that balance systematic and process approaches equally likely have an emphasis on giving young students ample opportunities to write, while providing supplementary class-wide instruction in grammar, parts of sentences, and various writing strategies.

The Thematic approach organizes the curriculum around certain themes or cultural universals. Then they might focus on transportation or government, and so on.

TFS students master French and English, while balancing rigorous arts, science and humanities programs.

Fewer than 10 per cent of new students have a French-language background, but all are bilingual when they graduate due to our successful Intro program, offered up to and including Grade 7.Students benefit from exceptional facilities, a 26-acre ravine, and a diverse, non-denominational environment. in English literature from the University of Oxford, and has been department head, and a language and literature professor and lecturer, for over two decades at prestigious schools and universities, including Eton College and the University of Oxford.We have two campuses: Toronto (age 2 to UE) and Mississauga (PK to Grade 7). González brings to TFS exceptional academic and international experience. González was Headmaster at the British School of Barcelona (BSB), an international and co-ed school. With a passion for languages, he speaks French, English, Catalan, Spanish and Italian fluently. González has designed a pre-university syllabus for Cambridge International Examinations, written award-winning novels and has been a cultural commentator and media spokesperson on many educational topics, including bilingualism in schools and developing students’ international mindedness.These programs aim to expose children to what early-elementary school is like.While time is still allotted to free play, much of the day is built around explicit lessons guided by the teacher.All students enrolled at TFS are on an accelerated curriculum -- whether they are classified as gifted or not.