Accomodating children

Some accommodations are naturally evolving with changes in pedagogy as well as technology.If teachers recognize and understand the needs of SLD students, they can begin to accommodate these needs with resources at hand.Some technological resources include specific assistive devices for SLD students and are offered through campus support services.

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This change in terminology emphasizes that a student may have difficulty in one particular aspect of learning while mastering and excelling in others.Therefore, many SLD students may not need major modifications to succeed at a college level, but rather minor accommodations to meet his or her specific differing learning needs.Recognizing that accommodation is in effect is the first step. For long-standing anxiety that has demanded months or even years of accommodation, suddenly cutting it off cold turkey can be very distressing for a child.However, you are soon confronted with a dilemma: Do you push your child to manage their anxiety without accommodating them? But continuing to accommodate is making things worse.Many times I inwardly groaned in frustration at Alberts apparently irrelevant questions, late assignments, and misunderstanding of papers/activities.

But the real frustration came when I was grading research papers. When measuring ideas, Albert was a genius, or at least he had the potential to excel.Or when your child refuses to go to bed unless you kiss him one last time.However, after a while, the demand for accommodation grows.Accommodation, also called enabling, occurs when you give in to your child’s anxiety rather than letting your child tolerate some discomfort and learn to use coping tools.Accommodation is commonplace in families of children with anxiety. For example, when you are trying to make it on time to soccer practice and all that stands in your way is a simple promise to stay and watch, rather than drop off and go.Soon your child cannot go anywhere without you and takes an hour to get to bed, when i could be a 10 minute bedtime routine.