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You can specify the first and last letters of the first and second names you want to be generated, plus specify the size of each name. Some samples: (My input is on the left column and the softwares output on the right).

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I combined the words, love and magic and ended up with the following.

You can create names for codes, spy projects, missiles, rockets and spaceships etc, by using the appropriate combination of magilove lovemagic magiclove magic ilove welove loveme lovehim loveyou youlove lovethis lovelife lovethem theylove truelove lovesong theirlove lovesmagic lovejuju lovemagics loveofgod fallinlove lovestory lovetosee loveaffair lovesjuju lovesmagics fellinlove lovehewitt fallsinlove luvmagic loveconjury lovesorcery lovetheurgy calflovemagic loveinterest luvjuju loveblackart lovesconjury lovessorcery courtneylove luvmagics loveblackmagic calflovejuju lovestheurgy womenthatlove puppylovemagic loveconjuring lovesblackart ardormagic calflovemagics vesblackmagic loveandrockets lovebin lovemagic lovebag lovebee puppylovejuju lovesconjuring luvsorcery ardourmagic puppylovemagics ardorjuju lovefire lovegang luvtheurgy ardormagics loveconjuration lovefest lovefolk loveland lovepond lovezone techlove luvconjury lovequick calfloveconjury calflovesorcery emotionmagic worshipmagic theloves ardourjuju lovebeach lovespire quicklove calflovetheurgy luvblackart ardourmagics This site is designed for budding evangelists, you know the sort of guys who dont drink, dont smoke and wont dare touch a woman with a barge pole, which eminently disqualifies you and me.

I just wanted to inform you people that there are special software programmes out there on the net, called Name Generators that will let you automatically generate names.

My point is, why spend days and weeks trying to figure out a good name when a computer programme can do it in two minutes and therefore allow you spend your valuable time working on your script?

Options include Instagram, You Tube, Tumblr, Kik and Twitter.

The Screen Name Generator allows you to enter two words and then generates a unique screen name by adding them together along with other words.You can find a list of my favorite Name Generators right below with links to the websites, details of the programmes and sample names.Sadly, there isnt a programme that lets you generate titles but you can utilize them for everything else.For example you could append your name to this generator and generate names like Mellow Mike or Magnificent Mike if your name is Mike.You could also prepend titles to the generator as well, such as mr, mrs, miss etc.Name Decoder is an online quiz with just one question: what's your name?