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[Typically the only place to find adoption records pre-1850 are in bible notes, in the 1850 US Census notes, in town histories or family journals, an in wills.] Adoptees BORN in New Hampshire only, when the state received an adoption report, and sealed the original record, and created a new record.

You must be the adoptee or their legal representative, or the adoptee's immediate family (adult spouse, adoptive parents, siblings and children, legal representative may be attorney, physician, funeral director or other authorized agent acting on behalf of the applicant or her family).

Another great source of free bible records is BIBLE RECORDS ONLINE.

ADOPTION RECORDS: The concept of adoption was not legally recognized in the United States until the 1850's, with the inception of the first adoption statutes.

(Note: You can click on RESIDENCE and add a location, i.e. The ORIGINAL documents are available in some cases!!!!

Please note that the State of NH did not require town clerks to send records to the Bureau until the early 1800's.The National Archives has published a Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives which serves as one source of information on New Hampshire data available in Washington.Newspapers have a wealth of information for you, and a search is certainly worthwhile.While transfers of children to substitute parents had occurred informally since American colonial times, adoption statutes legitimized the informal adoptive arrangements which previously existed.During the early years of American society, no formal procedures existed for recording births or name changes.For example, an 1895 report might show April 1893-October 1894, so check the report for both the year before and after the year's event.