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In 2009 he identified IP addresses originating from Associated Newspapers that had accessed the page at which point he contacted Magnanti to alert her.Such was the nature of the secret, Magnanti's colleagues did not know until one month before she went public, her publishers had been unaware of her true identity until the previous week and her parents found out on that weekend.After signing her first book deal and starting writing articles for newspapers, only two other people were aware of her identity, her agent Patrick Walsh and her accountant, who handled the financial transactions via a shell corporation. Not to have to tell lies, hide things from the people I care about.

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Guesses as to who Belle was ranged from Rowan Pelling to Toby Young according to The Telegraph.

In 2004 The Sunday Times featured a front-page headline incorrectly identifying Sarah Champion as the author of the blog based on erroneous textual analysis by Donald Foster.

The first series aired from 27 September 2007 to 15 November 2007 starring Billie Piper as Hannah Baxter (Belle), and later shown in the US on Showtime.

Magnanti met Piper in the course of preparing for the role but maintained her pseudonymity.

The independent London newspaper the Camden New Journal highlighted Magnanti's criticism of the Lilith findings.

A television series loosely based on the first book was in development with Channel 4 in the UK, but eventually aired on ITV2 as Secret Diary of a Call Girl.Her books have been published in the UK, US, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and China.In 2016 her first thriller The Turning Tide was published in the UK.It covered topics in sexuality studies and sociological research in the effects of adult entertainment and sex work.Reviewing for The Observer Catherine Hakim wrote "Magnanti offers a pretty sharp analysis of sexual politics: who fabricates the myths and why, the role of both rightwing and leftwing media in building up moral panics, the vast sums obtained by the pressure groups that profit from them, and, more recently, too, by the pharmaceutical companies that plan to profit from newly invented sexual diseases." a study which had claimed that sexual crimes increased after the opening of lap dancing venues in the area; the analysis showed this was not the case.In November 2009, fearing her real identity was about to come out, Magnanti revealed her real name and occupation as a child health scientist. Relocating to the United Kingdom, Magnanti studied for a master's degree in genetic epidemiology and Ph. in forensic science from the University of Sheffield in England.