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I along with others will be moderating the DD Chat room and we will be seeking Moderators from different areas of the community.

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We are all here to share our knowledge and help each other understand and grow in this unique lifestyle.ADDS members share their knowledge with each other through their interaction and getting to know one another.Having her pull your pants down and leaving you with them round your ankles for five humiliating minutes with your ridiculous little boner poking from under your shirt tails.Head bowed, you await the order to lower yourself across her lap for your otk spanking.A melting pot of open minded people, where no one is judged for their differences.

All respectful DD based opinions & ideas are welcome and encouraged.The DD Chat Room is free and open to everyone 18 and over who is seeking DD specific information and respectful friendships.The Chat Room is something that has been discussed for a very long time and I can't be more pleased with how the room has grown so quickly in the first two months.BDSM Chatters has hundreds of completely free adult chat rooms where you can meet other BDSM and Bondage fans.There are adult themed rooms for almost every imaginable fetish you can think of, however if we do not have the kink or fetish you are looking for, simply create your own room for free.Our bdsm cams We will ask you to bring belts, slippers, flip flops, canes, rope.