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Apart from being good-looking, they are also entertaining, funny and creative.

In fact actors are usually the least judgmental people around, very liberal and a great deal of fun to be with.

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Unpredictable timings One of the perks of being an actor is that you are not restricted to a nine-to-five routine.Thus you can take off with your boyfriend to enjoy a sunny day at the beach even if it is in the middle of the week.A good actor can make you laugh or cry, feel horrified at the baseness of human nature or thrilled just to be alive and feel the sun’s rays.But how is it when they bring their looks, talent and unpredictability to intimate relationships.Lover of the limelight Since an actor spends such a large part of his time under the arclights, it is natural for him to seek all the attention in a relationship too.

Very often you may find your social life revolving around his social and professional commitments rather than your friends and interests.However actors still have to make a living and a good deal of their waking hours are used up by auditions, rehearsals and performances.At times he may have to drop everything for a last-minute audition or a screen test.He will be ready to accompany you to all the movies and plays you want instead of wanting to go bowling with his beer buddies.Better still, you are likely to get tickets for free or at least at highly discounted rates.Here is what dating an actor could entail and some tips to help you make the best of it.