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I had zero game to speak of, yet I regularly fell ass backward into their panties quite easily.If they were giving it up to losers like me there’s no telling how many others dudes have easily slipped by their velvet ropes and pounded their dance floors.Truth be told, I got tired of the daily label checks making sure I was wearing name brand this or that, as though I would shame the family name by sporting a generic pair of jeans I picked up at the thrift store. Sisters are well aware of the fact that they’re at the bottom of the sexual food chain. It’s a known fact in the ‘sphere that 6s and 7s are far sluttier than 8s and 9s because of their sexual insecurities. Though they don’t often attract men outside of their race, there is a surplus of black suitors available who are more than willing to take advantage of their promiscuity, which increases their notch counts.

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To make matters worse a lot of them have a lot more than just one or two.One night you’ll see them shaking their asses at the club, the next you see them at the market buying formula with five kids in tow.After college I continued my nomad-like existence before finally settling down on the west coast.An obvious benefit of having lived in all four corners of the U. is the opportunity to meet and date many different kinds of women.I’ve got no problem with someone spending a little extra coin on things they won’t compromise on. But living that far above your means is ridiculous.

Most girls like to have nice things, but black women are slaves to the almighty label and will make sure they get them at all costs…literally.

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However, the element that makes more of an impact than others is race.

For example, in my experience white girls tend to be much more sexually open and experimental (they do it ), Latinas are fiery, passionate, and embrace their femininity more than most, and aesthetically speaking Asian women are among the thinnest across the board.

The PC media will blame this on targeted marketing of fast food, lack of nutritional options and education, lower income, or any number of excuses designed to take the focus away from personal discipline and responsibility but their excess body weight is a product of their laziness and lack of drive, as is the case with anyone who is grossly overweight.