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I just released her hand from mine and left the gathering. At the bottom, the governor had handwritten: “I admire you very much.” Broaddrick interpreted that as a thank-you for her silence. He was just a vicious, awful person.” And in explaining to Lisa Myers why she had not reported her assault to authorities, Broaddrick said: “I didn’t think anyone would believe me in the world. And it may not have been the first time Broaddrick was secretly recorded.Broaddrick had related the episode to NBC, but it had been nixed in the cutting room. The consistency of Broaddrick’s account over the years, and the correspondence of her account with that of the multiple witnesses, has been difficult for critics to explain away. In 1992, Phillip Yoakum, an Arkansas businessman, learned of Broaddrick’s assault from one of her colleagues.She caught me and took my hand and said: “I am so happy to meet you.

Broaddrick first met Bill Clinton in April 1978, when he visited her nursing home, Brownwood Manor, during a stop on his gubernatorial campaign.She says Clinton invited her to visit him at the campaign’s headquarters should she ever make it to Little Rock, two-and-a-half hours southeast.n January 6, a ghost from Hillary Clinton’s past stirred: “I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. It is also the one about which the Clintons have said the least.Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me,” Juanita Broaddrick tweeted from her home in Van Buren, Ark. The entire record of the Clintons’ response to Broaddrick’s allegations amounts to one line, from President Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall in 1999: “Any allegation that the president assaulted Juanita Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false.” ’s Lisa Myers, which aired on February 24, 1999, Broaddrick laid out her accusation in full for the first time.Yet at the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in August 1992, the future first lady hailed Hill as someone who had “transformed consciousness and changed history with her courageous testimony.” “All women who care about equality of opportunity, about integrity and morality in the workplace are in Professor Anita Hill’s debt,” she added.

That was ten months after Thomas had declared the confirmation proceedings a “high-tech lynching” and the Senate had confirmed him to the bench. It remains not only the most credible accusation against Clinton and the most serious. it never goes away.” For Hillary Clinton, who a month earlier had tweeted, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported,” and who has made her record on “women’s issues” (as her website phrases it) central to her campaign, In the catalogue of accusations against Bill Clinton — a litany that includes names such as Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey — Broaddrick’s stands out.David Broaddrick told that he remembers Juanita’s arriving home with a swollen lip and telling him that she had been assaulted by Bill Clinton.And three other friends — Susan Lewis, Louis Ma, and Norma Rogers’s sister Jean Darden — all maintain that Broaddrick told them about the rape, too.According to Rogers, Broaddrick told her that Bill Clinton had “forced himself on her.” RELATED: Why Do Women Have to Shout to Get Hillary to Hear Them on Sexual Assault?