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20 pictures inside of Taylor Swift at the Knicks game…

This Eurotrip romance has everything: sun, Amanda Seyfried, rolling Tuscan hills, and dialogue so gloopy you could drizzle it on your antipasti.

As David Cox pointed out quite rightly on this very blog, Letters to Juliet, while sweetly enjoyable enough, is corny as Kansas, and hopelessly predictable.

Taylor Swift sits next to her new gal pals Amanda Seyfried and Kate Upton while in courtside seats at the Knicks game on Wednesday (November 12) at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The 24-year-old singer posted a photo on her Instagram account with the simple caption, “Knicks.” Kate was joined at the game by her boyfriend Justin Verlander while Amanda sat courtside with her boyfriend Justin Long.

Amanda Michelle Seyfried is American actress and model who was born in Allentown, Lehigh County to Ann and Jack Seyfried.

Amanda Seyfried was attended Allentown’s William Allen High School and was graduated in 2003.

The conceit in turn is probably based on the celebrated court case in which the French photographer Robert Doisneau was forced to admit that his picture Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville was staged.

But there we are; essentially, a quick, light-as-meringue character-introduction scene, which gave at least this viewer a pleasing aftertaste a week later, prompted by a minor news story.

Letters to Juliet is indeed, it has to be admitted, bread and butter cinema, and at times deeply silly.

But, as Sophie's unreliable boyfriend would be the first to point out, a crisp hunk of bread and a pat of creamy butter can be a fine thing.

Seyfried’s fiancé is Gael García Bernal, a restless chef who keeps swanning off to exclusive Sauternes auctions, and saying “Incredible! On it trundles, being both exasperatingly vapid and easy to sit through, especially for forgiving romantics – you get to watch Redgrave gaze searchingly into the eyes of a dozen grizzled Italians called Lorenzo, and I can’t blame you if this sounds sleepily enticing.

A little news item from yesterday, "Nurse being kissed in iconic wartime picture dies, aged 91" led me to re-evaluate Letters to Juliet, the memorably forgettable romcom currently on release.

We lay our scene in fair Verona, where Seyfried discovers an unanswered letter to Shakespeare’s heroine on a pre-wedding honeymoon.