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(If you know more, you are obviously welcome to pitch in.) Among all Asian Americans, Korean American men (who are raised in America) are actually the most likely to marry a black woman. This, however, is not really saying much, as only 2.1% of Korean American men (raised in America) are married to black women.

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To the Korean, the most beautiful woman in the world (excluding, of course, the Korean Wife) is Beyonce. God, it's great being married so I won't go through that shit again.

As I was looking about the internets, I came across the Twitter of a lovely blogger named Mari, and I became completely enamored by her comics.

Sheena Dear Korean, I just have this attraction towards Asian men. etc, that leaves Black women and Asian men alone......

I'm personally attracted to Asian men but I can't get them to notice me.

Every couple will have their ups, downs, and obstacles.

If my biggest obstacle is that someone doesn’t like we are a mixed race couple…then things aren’t so bad. Seungdomon and I are happy, and that’s all that matters to us. Seungdomon thinks bright, happy pink like Hello Kitty is the color of love.I don’t see race when I am in love, with family, or friends. Our biggest difference isn’t race, it’s culture; I am Finnish-American, he is Korean.Sometimes we come across differences in our cultures, but we learn to navigate those waters when we get there.Even with more mixed race families there will always be those who dislike it. My family never told me who to love, or loving someone was wrong. In reality, it is such a small few we don’t really notice. Now, I’ve grown a thicker skin, so it doesn’t bother me.I know it may feel like there is a lot of it out there, but in reality, it’s just a small few who are loud enough to get themselves heard and cause problems for the rest of us. Mostly it’s older White men, and older more traditional Asians. The thing I’ve come to realize is racism is everywhere.I had a gift card and had never been inside a Starbucks before. I can give reasons why, but part of it is more abstract and you can’t explain the feeling in exact words. I remember chasing him around the schoolyard telling him we were going to get married.