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He spent 22 years in law enforcement where he rose to the rank of Chief of Police in Alma, Colorado before retiring.His career then led him to the Fire service before he went on to become a firearms instructor building up his own business from the 1980s.

He specializes in engraving custom designs onto guns to sell, qualifying as an engraver aged 19.His first engraving was a custom-built Henry '66 replica.In February 2016, Rich Wyatt was arrested and charged with illegal firearms dealings and tax fraud.A 13-count federal grand jury indictment alleged Wyatt had instructed his store employees to continue to sell firearms after Gunsmoke had its Federal Firearms License revoked in April 2012.He operates the store with his family: Renee his wife, Paige, his step daughter and his step son Kurt along with the many other employees of Gunsmoke.

The Wyatt Family consists of: Step father to Kurt and Paige, Rich is the founder and owner of American Guns' featured Gunsmoke Guns stores.

As Kurt is the only custom engraver on the premises he would often be given the task of etching the Gunsmoke’s logo or other designs onto the firearm.

Rich would oversee the production and comment and expand on the work of the employees of Gunsmokes.

Brooke was born in 2006 and Ginger was born in 2009.

Kurt trained as a firearms instructor with a view to joining his step father's enterprise.

This would often be the part of the show when Rich’s selling techniques would allow him to make a sale.