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Tumors that develop in or on the anus are either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

Abnormal cells that develop in the anus can go away on their own or they can become cancerous.

As you can imagine, arranging all of this and relaying all of this information DOES all require some exchange between the partners, so, again, talking is good. Inspired by Kara Bulut's post, I now have placed the following T-shirts for sale in the EC shop.

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Thanks for the thread and especially for the linked article. In the meantime, indulge in all the fantasies about it that you want. It's used for the same reasons that most dildos and sex toys are used- for pleasure.

There's a lot of stuff between being a virgin and anal sex. It's not used to "plug" a loose ass, it's used actually to loosen up a tight ass.

Anal sex, receiving or giving, can be a very pleasure experience if done right.

EC has a really great article about it that goes into more detail.Here's the general idea of the shape (this is a traffic cone, not a butt plug since we don't allow sexual images at EC). I find that, without the right foreplay, it always stinks. I would also say, you know you're in the right mood when you get that sense of "being in a steam bath." That's MY indicator, anyway.And this is a hard thing to do without breaking the all-important mood.The advisable thing is to avoid getting into a habit of silence. But nowhere near as much as a clod trying to shove his dick in you without knowing what the hell he's doing.Also, with larger members, expect a shock of "owie" when you are being stretched at first. After that first shock and being given a chance to relax, it SHOULD be virtually painless, even he IS hung like a horse. You have something large and stiff in there, and it's important to keep your body aligned in such a manner as to make the experience comfortable. And when it's time, it's best to go into it with as much information and knowledge as possible. Let’s face it your now a whore, she has violated your ass and you now belong to her. Drop they pants it’s now time for your training, i want to use big toys with you!