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This past week, fans of ‘We Got Married’, a popular segment on MBC’s ‘Sunday Night Show’, were busy speculating that one of the newly-wed couples on the show, Solbi and Andy, may soon be stepping down from program. Korean, Japanese, Chinese dramas & movies Meeting new friends Traveling Cooking White Chocolate Asian culture TVXQ they rock my world!!!The source of the reportedly ungrounded rumor was none other than a recent journal entry Solbi posted on her Cyworld mini blog. Andy revealed his life as a newlywed with partner Solbi on ‘Entertainment Broadcasting’, aired on the 19th on KBS 2TV.

She said, “Honestly, having an artiste as a groom isn’t that great.

Compared to an artiste, I would prefer a soldier for a son-in-law”, her straightforward statement aroused everyone’s interest.

Solbi at the same time: " The first time i received a ring, because i didn't look after it properly thats why i lost it, i really felt sorry.

With the idea on the importance of trusting each, a couple ring would be better" using a couple ring to once again express how sorry she is and her feelings for him.

Andy: "After seeing (solbi's) tears during the last recording then I realized how sad she really was.

To make up for her tears/sadness, i wanted to do something for her." "Compared to just giving something to Solbi, a (set of) couple ring would be better." with this Andy explained his reason behind a couple ring.

Although what we do in the show mirrors what normal married couples do, but this is not true in reality, so please don’t misunderstand it, everyone.” Solbi and Shinhwa member Andy are currently on MBC’s most popular variety “We Got Married” portraying their true selfs as fixed participants.

Using their “broadcast romance, marriage” to present this image to viewers.

On the show, Solbi also expressed her wish to get married earlier.

Solbi said, “If there is someone I like, I hope to get married earlier.” She also mentioned, “Once I get married, I would like to stop working, but because of the work i have now, I can’t get married. Today was Solbi’s mum first time doing a talk show with Solbi which aroused the interest of everyone.

Andy replied to the question "Aren’t you and Solbi dating in real life? We are just colleagues.” However, Andy did say that he saw a different side of Solbi he had never seen before.