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The Bible, to sure, explicitly states (1 Kings 6:1) that it was four hundred and eighty years from the exodus to the fourth year of Solomon (ca.958).This would apparently place the exodus in the fifteenth century and would thus seem to support the view that the conquest took place in the Amarna period.A kid's version of the well-known nature magazine, National Geographic Kids features the same high quality photos you expect from National Geo, but with stories and subjects meant for a younger audience.

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But this view has now been almost universally abandoned, chiefly because it contradicts archaeological evidence bearing on the conquest which will be mentioned later.” Such a view is critical of the biblical documents and their authority so claimed, and stems from the basic assumption that the archaeological artifacts and chronology presently held have given us an absolute basis from which to work.

Such a view is untenable, but John Bright’s position represents a main–stream position in present–day Western archaeological and theological circles, and is firmly based on the acceptance of the documentary hypothesis as being sound and justified philosophically.

As defined in “The Times of the Judges—a Chronology” the term “times of the Judges”, is here used to cover the whole period of 480 years mentioned in 1 Kings 6:1, that is, from the Exodus of Israel until the fourth year of Solomon’s reign.

Necessary to our discussion is the need to emphasise that the science of archaeology deals with artifacts found in the present. The reality of the situation is that science, which is based on “repeatable testing”, can only work in the present.

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The presently held history and chronology of the Holy Land, that is, the accepted chronology, likewise is an interpretation.

It is based on assumptions, some of which are: When the question of the period under discussion, “the times of the Judges”, is looked at against the accepted chronology, the following emerges: The conquest of Canaan is seen as piecemeal and occurring, if at all, about 1,230 B. position would be taken, for example, by John Bright in his book ‘A History Israel’.

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Interpretation of the scientific evidence with regard past gives us the details of history; but our conclusions in this respect are only an interpretation.