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The following year, Brook is a victim of the Port Charles Stalker, who drugs girls and takes pictures of them.

The stalker later turns out to be Sage's cousin Diego, who had read her journals and decided to get revenge on Brook and the others on her behalf.

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When she found Mac, she convinced him that she needed protection and asked for his help in keeping Leopold away.

Leopold came to town after Dominique and he and Mac fought over her.

The obnoxious Sage is murdered by serial killer Mary Bishop after she is locked in the Quartermaine freezer by a fed-up Georgie.

Sage is a sitting duck for the killer, who mistakes her for Brook's adopted cousin Emily Quartermaine.

Her misfortunes changed when she fell in love with Mac Scorpio who had accidentally wandered onto the grounds of her family's estate.

After falling in love with Mac, Dominique divorced her husband and went to Port Charles to find Mac.Originally played by actress Brooke Radding in 1996, the character was last portrayed by actress Adrianne León when her birth date was revised to 1987 starting in 2004.Leon was nominated for two awards for the role in 2005: the Soap Opera Digest "Outstanding Female Newcomer Award", and "Outstanding Younger Actress" in the Daytime Emmy Awards. It was announced in 2010 that Leon would return to the show as Brook Lynn that May.Feeling guilty, Brook later tells Lulu that she had been working for Carly, but Carly lies and claims she was only trying to test Dante to see if he was worthy of Lulu. Finding Brook in a state of devastation, the wealthy Nikolas Cassadine invites her into his castle and hires her to be his escort for a formal dinner in France.While he teaches her etiquette, the two begin a flirtation, and then a romance.Elizabeth accuses Brook of using Nikolas for his wealth, and Brook in turn claims Elizabeth is using Aiden as an excuse to get back with Nikolas.