Aries and scorpion dating

“Affair” being the operative term too, since often in this pairing at least one partner is married or committed elsewhere – there’s frequently an air of secrecy or deception around this partnership.

When life is running smoothly, however, this couple do have a lot going for them.

Aries, the fire sign, can tempt the Scorpio partner out of his or her deep water and into a cauldron of excitement and adventure.

Both signs are highly ambitious in terms of getting what they want, and when they choose to work together towards a common goal, they create a magnificent team.

Beyond their obvious mutual attraction and shared passion, they are intrigued by one another’s natures.

Scorpio, as a water sign, can help hot-headed Aries ground their impulsiveness in intuition, resulting in better decisions.

Perhaps it works best where the couple live apart, or are kept apart by their different careers for extended periods of time.

In that case, the passion and overwhelming emotions of their reunions will be enough to keep the more destructive elements of this pairing at bay.

In Aries and Scorpio compatibility, we have two immensely powerful characters in their own right – and an enormous power struggle which can last a lifetime.

Attraction and physical closeness will be especially important in this combination.

Scorpio will dig in, retreat and resort to emotional manipulation, while Aries will scream, shout and create tantrums that dignified Scorpio will despise.

The relationship will be punctuated by heavy, intense rows and an emotionally destructive atmosphere.

No sign has a greater reputation for sexual intensity than Scorpio, and Aries compatibility depends a lot on sexual compatibility, so from the bedroom to the mundane details of everyday life, this is a relationship built on desire and passion all the way through.