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Between 19 or thereabouts, some of the petroglyphs disappeared – chunks of rock about a two and a half feet by one foot in size were torn out, according to Sandberg. To the Indians the site is sacred; the Kootenai Indians don't even want photos of the prints taken. Virginia Overland of Sandpoint said a couple years ago her husband Orren and son were flying over the lake some 2,000 feet in the air when they spotted an extremely large fish.

The most recent mystery is a very disturbing one to Sandberg, the Forest Service, the Army Corps of Engineers and several Indian tribes. Are the perpetrators ignorant-but-interested tourists? The fish was about a mile from Sandpoint City Beach. The sturgeon theory is the prevailing one, said Mc Leod, an English teacher at North Idaho College. In the 1980s he interviewed three adults, two of whom were teachers, who saw a creature they described as snake-like, much longer than their 22-foot sailboat, swimming in an undulating manner.

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The position of the jar gave the impression of a secret post office. When he was cleaning out the old chicken house, new owner Frank Colburn claimed to find a human skeleton under a couple of feet of manure.Supposedly he didn't call authorities because he didn't want to cause trouble, and he covered up the skeleton. So was it Spear's body Colburn found, or was it an animal carcass? There were conflicting reports of times, dates and places, but those Cocolalla folks Pratt interviewed who remembered the entire story "the most accurately" say they really aren't sure Bruce Anderson killed Paul Spear. Were Spear and Anderson collaborating on something?Officers were called; they searched the Spear place and questioned Anderson, who produced letters from Spear with Oregon postmarks in what they believed was Spear's handwriting. There was talk of a blood-soaked mattress in a field near the Spear house, a heavy hammer with blood on it, and a man's foot protruding from a pile of brush.One evening Anderson got in an argument about horses with his neighbor, and he left their home in a huff. It may have been a year later when Bruce Anderson's photo appeared in the Spokesman-Review, confessed killer of a Marshall, Wash., chicken rancher. To his last day on Death Row, however, Bruce Anderson denied he killed Paul Spear."The petroglyphs cannot be carbon dated because of campfires," he said.

A man named John Leiberg was making a study of forest stand potential back in 1893 when he found the rock carvings of what appears to be 28 bear paws, several cat or dog or coyote prints, and possibly the prints of a mountain goat and cougar tracks.If it held more of the samples she and Rose held in their aprons, "it would be immensely rich in gold," she said. Could there be gold in Hope, or is the prospect of gold ... It has been more than half a century since neighbors saw the hard-working, one-eyed lumberjack named Paul Spear working in his garden, pruning his orchard, and doing the beekeeping duties on his hilly Cocolalla farm.Spear was described in Grace Roffey Pratt's interviews with early-day Cocolalla residents as "pleasant appearing, sober and thrifty" – a good man, by all accounts.Sandpoint Magazine By Susan Drinkard There is a line that blurs between the rumors of unsolved mysteries in North Idaho, and actual corpse-in-the-cellar unsolved mysteries in North Idaho. It was wrapped with a light chain, a piece of boom chain and a light sledgehammer, all fastened to his waist.Some say there is a steam engine at the bottom of the river near Laclede. The coroner "leaned to the opinion" Kraege committed suicide, but who knows for sure?Spear often took jobs at the Humbird Lumber Company camps some distance from his home.