Asynchronous updating

ICEfaces provides connection management facilities that allow the application to react to connection-related errors.

Cellular automata, as with other multi-agent system models, usually treat time as discrete and state updates as occurring synchronously.

Or should I wait until the next synchronous cycle to incorporate the change?

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In contrast, asynchronous updating does not necessarily separate these two phases: in the simplest case (fully asynchronous updating), changes in state are implemented immediately.The synchronous approach assumes the presence of a global clock to ensure all cells are updated together. Nehaniv in 1998) allows one to emulate exactly the behaviour of a synchronous cellular automaton via an asynchronous one constructed as a simple modification of the synchronous cellular automaton (Nehaniv 2002).Running in synchronous mode reduces the connection resource requirements for an application deployment. When ICEfaces is running in asynchronous mode, it is possible for an outstanding request to remain open for an extended period of time.Depending on the deployment environment, it is possible for a long-lived connection to be lost, resulting in the loss of asynchronous updates.A synchronous update for ICEfaces is illustrated in Figure 6 .

One serious deficiency with synchronous updates is that the application requires a client-generated request before it can affect presentation layer changes.In this paper, we propose two algorithms to select nodes and update their intermediate values towards the $k$-shell indices, which can help in accelerating the convergence of the calculation of $k$-shell indices.The former algorithm takes into account the degrees of nodes while the latter algorithm prefers to choose the node whose neighbors' values have been changed recently.Make sure your rationale is both written down and reflected in your design. The update is initiated from the client and is handled synchronously at the server while the presentation is updated in the response.If an application state change occurs during a period of client inactivity, there is no means to present changing information to the user.