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Personally I don’t think of it along racial or cultural terms at all.

It’s all highly superficial and preference-based anyway.

Even if the Asian guy is as ocker as they come, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier for him to snag an Aussie girl if she prefers a white fella physically.

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To me, there are two big aspects as to why you wouldn’t see that many Asian male and Aussie female pairings: cultural, and physical. My family will always come first before anyone else.

This thinking guides a lot of my behaviour which some Aussies probably wouldn’t understand. I would absolutely approach white girls if I got to know one in a work/educational/recreational environment, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t try to pick one up in a bar scene where I would be entering the fray with no idea what she was like, and vice versa. Well I guess due to the rarity of mixed race couples where the male is Asian and the girl is Anglo, I’ve started to assume that white girls wouldn’t be interested in me, and would bar me from the get go.

It took me an hour to wade through the first 300 or so.

If you want to go and read the post and the comments first, go ahead. The rest of you, follow me …Let’s get a few facts out of the way to set the mood right for this post: To answer the question in the title, I will explain it from my point of view.

In general it is true that the majority of Aussie women would date within their own cultural background, but that is true for people of all other cultures in this country.

One tends to stick with what one knows and feels comfortable with.In some of the comments, Anglo girls bemoan that they would like to date an Asian guy but they never get approached by them. Aussie men are more gung-ho and more willing to stick their neck out in a bar or club situation. Asian men are generally smaller and shorter, sometimes too small or too short for a typical Aussie girl. Therefore, the pool of white women for me to potentially date is that much more limited. Just like how most men would prefer a woman with a curvy body, there’s nothing wrong with having physical preferences.In the comments, there are Anglo women who proclaim that they prefer Caucasian, rather than Asian features in a man.As a leading lesbian dating site, we successfully bring together women from around the world.Thousands of happy women have met their soul mates on Pink Cupid and have shared their stories with us. For a fun, safe and uniquely lesbian dating experience, join free today.So join in the fun and tell your friends too, because AUSSIE DATE is made for Australians like you.