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Fact is that it is common for Austrians to extend invitations well in advance of the event, and the more formal the occasion the greater the time between the invitation and the event itself, so that they can be certain that their guests do not have a prior engagement.Regard for proper behavior The regard for punctuality is actually an aspect of a wider culture of orderliness.So upon first meeting an Austrian woman, introduce yourself with your name and wait for her to offer her hand for a handshake.

Indeed the Austrians are quite proud of their achievements in the sphere of high arts like music and architecture.You can spend quite a delightful hour or two discussing the respective merits of iconic composers like Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Austria is a country in central Europe that is famous for its high degree of artistic as well as financial achievements.Apart from these it is a land blessed with natural beauty and exquisite scenery.Flowers are usually gifted in odd numbers only, except for the dozen since an even number means bad luck.

Also if you have been invited to your girlfriend’s house, unwrap before giving it to her.

Upon being newly acquainted with a woman here, use last names and appropriate titles until specifically invited by your lady friend to use her first name.

All women over eighteen are addressed as Frau, even if they are not married.

However be sure to maintain eye contact since a distant or shifty gaze while talking to a woman is considered inappropriate and rude.

An important aspect of the formal Austrian social culture is the high regard paid to names and titles.

Sometimes Viennese men may kiss the hand of a woman.