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If you spent more time on Twitter, one of the annoying thing any user come across is Twitter’s lack of auto-refresh of tweets in the timeline, you’ve to keep clicking or refresh the page whenever new tweets are posted.

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Echofon for Windows, A Twitter Desktop Client Greasemonkey Script Twitter auto-refresh for Firefox automatically refreshes Twitter homepage for every X seconds.This script postpones refreshing when user is typing after each update.Once done, the extension will use native new tweets feature of Twitter and updates the feed with incoming tweets.Note: If you had already opened Twitter.com, then you’ll have to refresh the page to make this extension work.Removing that customization sorted out my refreshing problems - it appears to poll for new tweets every 30s or so.

I displayed the twitter home timeline in my listview.

Twitter Gadget is a full-featured client for Twitter.com, designed to submit and view status updates via your favorite homepage service, Chrome apps, or directly in any browser.

Despite its compact design, Twitter Gadget packs more features into a smaller amount of space than any other web-client available.

Do you use an alternate method to load new tweets automatically?

Is it possible to auto refresh the Twitter timeline widget which we create from Twitter app?

I have to tell you that I'm not a strong advocate for using automatic Twitter feeds because it makes people lazy.