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The more people an affiliate gets to sign up for my email newsletter, the more money they tend to make over time, since most people buy only after an average of seven exposures to any given online product.

I've even had affiliates who stopped promoting my site (briefly) who continued to make money for months afterward due to people they sent to my newsletter buying from me.

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I am very proud of the program I offer and know it will be a good fit for anyone looking to make money in the online dating market.

If you're not in the Men's Dating Advice market, there are a few things you should know...

My special affiliate software tracks cookies for 90 days.

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These awe-struck affiliates began promoting me again, and emailing me about how I'm the only program they've continued to make money on without actively promoting!

That entirely depends on your skill as an affiliate.

However, I believe that the average male dating customer is interested in many different ideas and viewpoints, so I do not shy away from the idea of endorsing other products and sending out reviews or recommendations to my sizeable email list.

I do ask for a copy of your product for me to review before I agree to endorse it.

Affiliates who focus solely on the dating market tend to be more successful with their traffic conversions.

But if you have a site and/or email list that falls in the following categories, you will find your traffic to be a good match for my product as well: I find that affiliates who feature my articles on their sites make the most sales.

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