Bad breath dating man

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This is probably going to sound ridiculous but Ive very recently started dating a guy who almost always has bad breath. if it's someone like The Donald you're talking about. After that, I did go to my E, N, T specialist the same week.

It’s really important to brush the teeth on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from settling in the mouth.Using mouthwash and dental floss on a regular basis will also help to reduce the risk of halitosis. Approaching the subject It can be difficult to talk to someone about having bad breath because it’s not the nicest thing to hear about yourself and they may be offended.If you don’t know someone very well, for example if you’ve just started dating them and they have bad breath, it will probably be really difficult to confront them about it because you don’t know how they will react and you may appear a little bit rude.Instead of tacking the problem front on and going in all guns blazing, try to be subtle and eat mints after dinner or if you are cooking a meal, avoid using strong smelling foods.This will make their breath smell fresher and more pleasant without having to talk to them about their breath or offend them.

If they have chronic bad breath you will probably need to persuade them to adopt a better oral hygiene programme or avoid certain foods.It’s along the same lines as telling someone they have body odour or they should perhaps have gone for a slightly bigger dress size.If you know someone well you should find it easier to approach the subject but try to be tactful and honest.This will improve their general oral health, as well as ensuring their breath is clean and fresh smelling.Visiting the dentist on a regular basis will also help to prevent bad breath.If your partner smokes and you can’t deal with their breath after smoking, talk to them about it.