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It's a big day for Battlefield 1, as DICE has released a huge update for the World War I shooter.

As announced previously, the patch adds the game's first free DLC map, Giant's Shadow, as well as the grenade-crossbow.

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New Custom Game setting A new Custom Game option has been added: Standard Issue Rifles.

In SIR all kits are granted access to their faction’s standard issue rifle.

Not sure if we can allow every user to have such tool in SO to update their vote counts when the autoscript is broken though. The SO profile page scores update on a schedule, and lag behind the tool.

;) It this is feasible, I would love to [email protected]éVogt, I just ran my user ID through the tool. Btw, you've gained a lot of rep in recent days.

Sounds like the best way to get your specific issue resolved @Ian In that case, you can also post on meta. Link to the old question and explain that it's different (and how) Thus, following his suggestion, I decided to post this issue on Meta.

I recently encountered this issue where my votes and posts count have not been updated for at least 7 would be great to know logic of score calculation This has been an issue for several weeks now. Here's an auditing tool to keep up-to-date: Just enter your USER ID.(I discovered this tool a while back on this site and saved it.For example, the British are granted the SMLE MKIII.These rifles are not equipped with optics, and are intended to provide players with gameplay inspired by the WW1 trenches. I asked whether anyone encounter the same issue in chat today, Madara Uchiha, a moderator, asked me to post this question on Meta instead, hinting at the possibility of a different bug.