Because we just started dating

Here are a few things that clearly indicate that this guy might just not be that into you.

Gone are the days of “No, you hang up first” “No, you first”.

A lot of women really seem to struggle to grasp that point for some reason.

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Finally, the key phrase in what you wrote is this: “I haven’t heard from either man since the weekend”. That tells me everything I need to know about how much these men like you. All I know is that if it was much more than one day of silence after your date, he’s probably ambivalent about you.I don’t know exactly when you wrote this letter to me – was it one day after your latest date with both of them? Which means that you could ask him out and he may say yes, but it won’t mean much of anything until you let him ask YOU out instead. After reading “He’s Just Not That Into You” years ago it totally changed my perspective and I stopped second guessing what men were thinking after a first meeting because it is so obvious by their actions. Often these are unfortunately not the guys you want to hear from so lots of single women spend a lot of time and energy wondering what they can do to make the men they do like more interested in them after a date which is a waste of time and energy.Nothing is written in stone when it comes to relationship and dating, in fact everything you will kind of have to figure out as you go along.If you find that you are not letting your hair down around your dating partner then chances are you might be ignoring a few dating red flags.You might not know how to tell if he is lying but if it sounds spontaneous or if things keep popping up just when you’ve started to indicate an interest in going out, then he just don’t want to go out.

If he wants to, he will find the time even if he has a busy schedule.

In fact, you hear the much dreaded click before the words “goodnight” have fully escaped your lips.

If this has happened a few times too many and you are constantly telling yourself that it was an accident or he is probably tired, then you are definitely in denial.

Last weekend I went on second dates with two men that I’d met online. These are VIP box seats with preferred parking etc., and the concert is Saturday!

I haven’t heard from either man since the weekend and, while I’m not bothered by this, I don’t want to go to this concert alone (alas, not something I can drag my son to this time).

How do I let the man be the aggressor and how do I mirror while dating when I’m the one with the tickets all the time?