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But, once I got to New York, we met up this summer and had some great, great dates. So it kind of actually helped me that he was so nervous.Benjy Bronk: I wasn’t nervous at all, she was extremely nervous! Elisa Jordana: He was really funny, and we ended up being friends at first.I started a clothing line, please check it out and let me know what you think!

as a writer and comedian, Jordana is easily recognized by Cobra Starship fans who will remember her as the band’s former keytarist.Now, Jordana is making a new name for herself after writing the song, “Online Sweetheart,” an ode to the love she and Bronk found on JDate.He said that Stern’s current writer Benjy Bronk “had a hand” in his way out the door, as Bronk’s 2000 inclusion into the studio disrupted the chemistry of a comedy show he called a “well-oiled, wonderful machine” by that point.judge’s longtime agent, Don Buchwald, as the comic was the only one among the show’s principal players who Buchwald didn’t represent.“Maybe it was Buchwald’s way of saying, ‘You can be replaced this easily,’ for whatever reason, it was absolutely rude,” Martling said, adding that he “doubted that Don Buchwald ever had any kind of sense of exactly what I was doing and how important it was” to the show.Martling continued, “I can almost hear Don say, ‘Howard, this is your opportunity to get rid of Jackie, you got Benjy there, he can handle the job.'” Martling said he didn’t understand the ultimate decision not to give him a raise, as he knew he brought Stern endless laughs on the job, as the two had electric professional chemistry.Though Bronk has said on air that they are not broken up, it does appear that things are not good for the once-happy couple.

The Stern Show writer has admitted that he is not sleeping with his much better looking than he is girlfriend.Stern has said as much but Bronk has never listened to reason.Whether or not he reconciles with Jordana, we'll always have memories of his "date" with Hilton.Watch The Video On Radar ( Martling speculated that his searing, no-holds-barred sense of humor also might have factored into his way out the door.He joked that with his exit, three of his routine targets — former co-workers Robin Quivers, Fred Norris and Gary Dell’Abate — went “on vacation” for the duration of their time on the show.He speculated that the star might have been intimidated at the prospect of becoming fodder for jokes himself, in the wake of his 1999 separation and subsequent divorce, leading to the radio host’s emergence as one of New York’s most eligible bachelors for a brief period.