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Get real - there are no special love-making techniques that work for Russian women only. Neglect at your own cost - join thousands of men that go to Russia again and again and still cannot find their Soul Mate. (One of those that always finish last...) This book is a drop-dead knockout: it explains in plain English why all this stuff is happening to you, time after time, and how you can stop being "just friends" with pretty girls and start This book is not really about "cheap tickets" but about opportunities to make big bucks while you leisurely cruise Russia and the former USSR, which are easily available to foreigners - Russian residents simply cannot use them.

But there are lots of important stuff that will pave your way to the bedroom... Want to know why it happened to them and how to avoid a failure? If you want to move your relationship with Russian women from "No" to "Yes" (this is how the name of the book translates), it is a great reading.

In other words, put your mind to work before you let your heart get involved.

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Elena Petrova, the former "mail order bride" from Russia, uncovers dirty tricks and traps of online relationships with Russian, Ukrainian girls, and how you can easily be scammed by unscrupulous players.

Learn simple and quick ways how to shield yourself from scams and fraud in dating Eastern European women.

It has some true-life stories and describes real situations and the way Russians handle various issues in relationships. A very practical guide to long distance relationships.

With its down-to-earth advice it is an essential book for people whose loved ones stay far away.

After graduating from Harvard Business School, Rachel used what she learned about marketing to create this 15-step program to finding love.

Many have praised this practical, strategic approach to finding love because it empowers one to take action.

In this get-real-with-yourself book, psychoanalyst Marshall encourages you to figure out your deal breakers before dating someone, and stand by those.

This helps you avoid wasting time, building a connection with someone it just won’t work out with in the end.

All do's and don'ts guides for those who travel to Russia or marry someone who lives there.

A funny and easygoing guide for those who are in relationships with Russian people.

The book's transliterations are excellent in providing an accurate guide how the words should be pronounced.