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However, old friends and family are easy relationships to recover.

Note that if your Sim doesn't interact with another for a time their relationship will start to decay.Even families need to interact with one another from time to time to maintain a good relationship.Best friends begins at 80-90, or 80-90% of the bar.The numbers here are estimates, but will give you a good idea where you'll need to be.Even with the computer versions' expansions, nothing drastically changes about the way relationships and the various friend levels work.

You just get more options on how conversations are carried out, and the interactions Sims can perform.

From there, the bar can move either right, to the positive, or left, into the red.

At various levels the Sims' relationship status will change.

It's one thing to chat, but Sims can really form bonds with a deep conversation. Don't repeat those social interactions too many times, unless you have the Never Dull Lifetime Reward or your Sim has the Charismatic trait. if you do ctrl alt C, type in testingcheatsenabled true.

Romantic Moods: Flirty, Alluring, Extremely Irresistible. These are pretty much all found under the Romantic section of the Social Interactions interface. then, go to your relationships, shift click on the bar under the ex-girlfriend and move all the way to the right. you can then "flirt" and move the relationship forward I've looking to see if you mention that, if you wish, you can make your Sims gay.

See the various sections of this Relationship Guide to learn more about that type of conversation .