Beth phoenix dating 2016

In his childhood his father was not around so he did not spent a luxurious life when his mother was working he was raised by his grandparents, uncles and cousins.

Beth could emerge as a heel and challenge Becky for the title that she has already won three times in the past.

Natalya and Becky have had their issues in the past, and if we were to go by the picture alone, it could well be that Beth’s return might reignite that flame and turn into a triple threat for the title.

There are a number of possibilities that fans can ponder upon but it is also important to note that it is just a picture and this whole thing could just be a rumour.

Former WWE Divas and Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and partner Edge recently had their second child, a baby girl named Ruby and wrestling might not be her first priority right now.

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The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will take place over Wrestlemania 33 weekend in Orlando, Florida.When the young Copeland was just 8 years old, his nine year old senior was dreadfully killed due to an auto wreck.After his death he became very forlorn and depressed, soon he found his cure of his grief and then his cure became his greatest passion of life and that was Hulk Hogan. Due to back and neck injuries Edge got retired from his profession WWE and in 2013 his partner Beth left his company where she was working due to the family issues.Now-a-days it is seen that he is in a relationship with the famous WWE champion named Beth Phonix.It is UN revealed that from how long this couple was in touch.Right now this couple is in strong relationship, may be in future she is his wife.