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When I was a boy in Southeast Alabama, we lived in what was called the white section of the State.

Fundamentalism didn't become a serious political issue until the 1970s, when it became clear that the Fundamentalists were no longer an ignorable minority.

It was at this time that the political Right began courting the Fundamentalists.

He is even reputed to write columns for the Council of Conservative Citizens’ (formerly the White Citizens Council) “Citizen Informer” (see bottom of page).

There are many American politicians who hold Christian Right views.

Laws are being proposed that uphold Fundamentalist beliefs, such as the ban on abortions, educational reform laws, and welfare reform laws.

It will be interesting to see how the rise of Christian Fundamentalism will influence politics in the next century.It fills in the gaps in Bob Jones III’s nonsensical defense of BJU’s racism on Larry King in 2000.I am reproducing the entire text here so that google will pick it up for anyone researching..” The Jews are back in Palestine with a Government today.God made of one blood all nations, but He also drew the boundary lines between races.It is all contrary to Scripture–it is all contrary to the Word of God.