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A quick look at the US census shows that both groups, when compared to their opposite sex counterparts, are not seeing nearly as much success in terms of interracial marriages.

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Supposedly, there was also criticism of black males dating white women.I grew up in a kinda of rural area that suburbanized, and there were essentially no blacks, so I have no personal experience.So maybe part of the problem is a "cultural hurdle" so to speak.There was a long, and fairly controversial, article about this subject in the National Review a few years ago. It may have been controversial, but it was the only thing I've seen on this subject that was anything close to a reasoned argument.This question has particular relevance for black women, since they seem less likely to get married at all, let alone married to someone from another race.

Could you provide us with that quick look at the US census that points this out?

(HS class of 500, with one black girl, and she wouldn't deign to talk to any guy I knew.) FWIW, as a young married guy I lived in northern VA, suburban DC.

I would meet women who I could tell would have been interested in me, if I was single, and some who were anyway: never a black woman, though.

It's quite hard for him to get dates because of this.

From what I've been told it's fairly common for Asians to live with there parents until they get married.

(Maybe in large, cosmopolitan areas the ratio will be more even, but not here and other places I've lived.) I've heard several reasons for it: Not sure this would have any more impact than any other interracial dynamic or even a typical male/female relationship. No one can tell me that a white male lead would not have knocked boots with that little hottie in the hotel scene. I'm as American as they come and you don't think I fake it sometimes? White girls don't even know and so they start out at a disadvantage "Look at that girl, she doesn't even know the right respect". Besides, there is some scorn for the so-called lose "morals" of American girls.