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The only way to fix this problem is to somehow block the Windows Updates.How can I go about doing this without simply saying “Never check for updates” because when I load programs like Microsoft Security Essentials and update the definitions, it will install updates alongside of that? I need to irrevocably delete a file or do something to never, even accidentally, get an update again.The first is to block an update's deployment in a small to middle sized business or organization, the second if an update is either not needed, or known to cause problems in a single computer environment.

The Restore Hidden Updates link in the left sidebar of the main Windows Update window opens a page listing all updates that haven been blocked on the system.This method of hiding updates in Windows Update is obviously only practical for single computers or small computer networks. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.Hello, I'm working on a friend's PC that got the "Fake MS Antivirus" virus.I used Malwarebytes to remove, and cleaned up with AVG and Mc Afee.It says all the drivers are found but the audio isn’t working so I install the appropriate XP driver, as none exist for 7. I restart the computer many times and load a bunch of software on such as office 2010, anti-virus, spyware removal, itunes…the works. Now here’s where it gets tricky, when I run the updates and restart the computer, it immediately goes into Start-up repair which never works.

I cant even get it to the start in safe mode window.I am also getting popups, which I never have before and being directed to different sites other than what I type in.When I go to Microsoft Updates to get them, it either turns up blank or tells me that I need to turn on Automatic Updates, Background Intellinger to Manual and Service Log to Automatice through Run: which I do, but Automatic Updates won't stay on Automatically and defaults to stopped.Windows however kept nagging at every system startup that an update was available.Even worse, the update was always automatically selected in Windows Update, next to the other security patches and releases that we wanted to install.Windows Update notifies the user of new updates by displaying a notification in the system tray, that is, if the update service is up and running.