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Conclusion: The draw arm shoulder pain was the most common affecting 19.79% injury followed by blisters on the fingers and string touch.الإصابات الشائعة بين رماة السهام النخبة الهندية: دراسة مستقبلية تحتل الهند المركز الثالث في رمي القوس، فمن الضروري التعرف ان إصابات الرماة هى الأكثر شيوعا. الخلاصة: يعد ألم الذراع و الكتف الإصابة الأكثر شيوعا 19.79٪ يليها ظهور بثور على الأصابع وسلسلة اللمس.

والغرض الرئيسى من هذه الدراسة هو تقييم الإصابات القياسية الأكثر حدوثا بين الرماة. How to cite this URL: Adkitte RG, Shah S, Jain S, Walia S, Chopra N, Kumar H.

A compound bow is mechanically even more complex as the archer holds the string with a mechanical release device rather than using the fingers directly on the string.

و قد شملت التفاصيل العمر، الطول (سم)، الوزن (كلغ)، عمر التدريب، دورات تدريبية في الأسبوع (أيام)، ومدة كل دورة تدريبية (ح)، وعدد من الأقواس بالرصاص في جلسة واحدة، والقوس الوزن (كلغ) ، ورسم طول (بوصة) مع متوسطها من 22.59 ± 4.24. Bracing of the bow is done by fastening a stiff string between the ends of the limbs.The arrow has a shaft, an arrowhead, at the front end and nock at the rare end.The study thus aims at the incidence and the prevalence of the sites of injuries occurring in Indian archers.This helps gain a greater view of having the physiotherapists, coaches to train the archers and prevent the injuries.They mainly occur due to the arrow and include penetrating wounds and may be fatal if it affects the heart or mediastinum.

The archers are more prone to injuries from the bow due to repeated drawing actions.This study holds a greater importance to create awareness among the players about the faulty techniques and the varying dynamics during the arrow releasing in archery with the quality of the arrow shot.Materials and Methodology: The survey included both national and International/Olympian players with a varying period of training schedule.These injuries include bow hunters stroke, rotator cuff injuries, and tendonitis of the elbow, wrist, or shoulder.In addition, as mentioned earlier, the draw arm shoulder injuries and blisters of the fingers have a greater incidence of prevalence.This survey was conducted as a prospective epidemiological study.