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I like that Jenna is not the typical lead character, that the boys are not the typical popular boys, that Sadie is not the typical mean girl. We’re all awkward, every single one of us, even if you think you aren’t.I think guys can appreciate a girl who isn’t afraid to be herself. BD: I have no idea what to expect for season three.was MTV’s second most watched series and the show’s Facebook page reached more than 3 million fans on a weekly basis.

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EXCLUSIVE: Malin Akerman Gushes About Co-Star Nina Dobrev Regardless, we’re still holding onto the chance Jakara will end up together during the show’s final season.

JRR: I owe it all to Lauren Iungerich, our creator. The characters and the world that Lauren created are based so much in reality.

She’s a brilliant writer and has done such a fantastic job of making our show and characters relatable and funny. Sure, there are some over the top situations for comedy’s sake, but at the end of the day, all the characters — adults or teens — are real and relatable.

To know that it’s going to keep going is really cool.

NK: Why do you think the show has been so successful?

Brett Davern: It feels just as amazing as it did to get a season two pick-up.