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Ranging from the harsh to the hypnotic, this piece celebrates musical extremes.

Bio: Alexis is a third-year student studying electroacoustic music within the Composition and Music Technology Unit at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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Prices, discounts, number of available recorded shows, exclusive Fan Club videos, and nude show photos are determined by model and subject to change.Certain benefits are available on desktop site only. Your Autoload settings have been updated to charge your account (200 tokens) when your wallet balance falls below 100 tokens. Update your Autoload preferences under Autoload in your Account Settings.Different DJs will audition for the on-air host slot of the Morning Show, with a host being hired sometime after the 2017 Fundraising Marathon.All playlists, archives and chat boards will be here.Update your Autoload preferences under Autoload in your Account Settings.

If you want unused Autoload tokens credited back to your credit card, please contact Customer Service.Jeremy Young is an artist and entrepreneurial strategist working predominantly within the flexible borders of sound media.His creative work includes compositions for recording and live performance, reel-to-reel tape collage, sound-poetry and audio-visual scoring.His main interests as a performer lie in the analog treatment of surface-based audio (piezo mic'd objects and surfaces, manipulating tape and tone via texture and voltage), as he is not concerned with what one hears but how it is heard and through what lens.He has performed and released material throughout Europe, Asia, the US, UK and Canada.1/20/17Tune in to Brian Turner’s show on Tues January 31st (3-6pm) for an in-depth, spirited chat with the one and only Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, assorted projects with Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound crew, and his own Maffia.