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You can, therefore, connect a mobile device to existing equipment that has a serial interface.

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Products include Serial Dongle from Baracoda, F2M01 plug from Free2move, Blue Air Plug from Inventel, Bluetooth RS232 Adapter from Lin Tech, PROMI SD from Merlin Systems, and Cordless Serial Adapter from Socket Communications. The use of serial communication for capturing positioning data according to this standard is an area fairly well explored.

The NMEA standard, however, covers much more than just the positioning data.

The more than 70 remaining sentences include other navigational information, like wind direction and speed, water depth and temperature, speed, distance, autopilot, and radar.

An example of a serial NMEA feed looks like the following code example.

Most equipment can be connected with interface units like a Bluetooth-enabled National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) multiplexer from Ship Modul, and can deliver information about position, water depth, speed, and so on.

If a traditional multiplexer is already in place, a Bluetooth dongle can translate the serial port signals to Bluetooth.

Even if today modems are normally used to connect to a modem pool, the Internet, or a company network, there is also an option to call another peer (that has a modem) and chat or send files.

This type of call can be achieved with a program like Hyper Terminal, which comes with desktop computer versions of Windows.

Christian Forsberg March 2006 Applies to: Windows Mobile 2003–based Pocket PCs Microsoft Visual Studio . NET Compact Framework version 1.0 Summary: Learn how to make your applications communicate over a serial port and how to handle common issues when implementing serial solutions.

After a general discussion about serial communication and a common serial communication standard, this article demonstrates a practical use of the technologies through sample source code written in C#.

After describing serial communication technology, a serial standard, and the tools—and providing some general advice—this article will show and examine a real-world sample.