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She is fluent in French, plays the cello, and studied cooking in Paris. Mia invites Ana to have lunch and go shopping, but Ana accidentally schedules it when she has to work.

He begrudgingly agrees, thinking she is Christian's "brat" little sister.He is stunned when he actually meets her and can't believe how good-looking she is.Here's the issue with this: For the second episode in a row, the main plot has to do with Savage.As much as I don't care about his character, the show is spinning its wheels when it can't really afford to do so.When Christian's helicopter goes missing, she and her entire family wait with Kate, Ethan, José, Ana, Taylor, and Ms. Jack Hyde and his accomplice Elizabeth Morgan kidnap Mia and hold her ransom for million dollars.

Elizabeth was able to abduct her as she was leaving the gym by drugging her with Rohypnol (roofies).But Leonard's growing taste for heroism — and his decision to prevent Mick from staying in Star City, circa 2046 — has created a wide rift between them.Their disintegrating partnership provides the most compelling moments in "Marooned." Unfortunately, that isn't enough to make the episode work as a whole. If the entire group of heroes were well-written and entertaining, perhaps the other issues wouldn't be so glaring.Ana is able to foil the plan and save her, but is injured in the process.Mia is one of the few people who is not angry with Ana for attempting to rescue her.has been renewed for a third season with Eric Overmyer signing on as the new showrunner.