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Things got a little hot in the kitchen on Brandi Glanville’s new cooking show, we’re told.

Glanville and celebrity chef Cat Cora — who is one of the judges on the upcoming competition series “My Kitchen Rules” — had a fling while shooting the Fox show.

She loves to share pictures of her friends, sensible quotes, and of course, selfies.6.

Unlike Arzaylea, who is a social media starlet that gained more fame by dating Luke Hemmings, Crystal Leigh seems to be a more private person.But we are able to compile some of the facts about the brunette.5.Darcy Sterling brings the group together to discuss what they value more in relationships: looks or personality. The ladies struggle with the "blind" dating mixer: While the male celebrities are having the time of their lives chatting up all the women at the event, the female celebrities are less than thrilled with the idea of mixing and mingling with men they can't see.Josh, who is notoriously picky, shocks the room by declaring, "To me, looks don't matter." Everyone is flabbergasted by his delusion—until he reveals he's only kidding. "The idea is when you lose on sense that you gain strength in the others and so you can really be more perceptive than normal," Aubrey says. I was very perceptive with the fact that none of these people had any type of personality that I would like to speak to more than two seconds."Meanwhile, Jessica White makes one guy feel bad about his construction job.Along with Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael were some of their friends, not to mention Bryana Holly- Irwin’s rumored girlfriend, Luke’s new lady Arzaylea, and a gal named Crystal Leigh- which according to some reports is dating Michael Clifford.

The Twitter photos show Clifford and Leigh’s closeness, maybe the reason some jumped into conclusion that they are a new thing.

" But the error sort of works out in his favor because Brandi punishes him with a playful spanking on the butt! Aubrey "tattoos" her name on Pauly: Aubrey decides to mark her territory with Pauly and asks to have her name branded on his body. "I'm not," Pauly replies as he attempts to pump the brakes.

"Baby, I want you to tattoo me on you now," she tells him. But after much pleading, Pauly very reluctantly submits to her demand.

Insiders say that she “had this whole lesbian relationship” with Cora, who recently divorced her wife, Jennifer, after being together 17 years.

We’re told that the pair were “hooking up” for about two weeks and enjoyed spending time together.

Well fans, relax, because it has not been confirmed yet if the two are really romantically involved.