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Platforms: Windows XMMS DVB Input Plugin is a plugin for XMMS for users with a DVB-S (Digital Video Broadcast/Satellite) PCI adapter supported by the driver from Linux TV to record and receive audio streams from this adapter.

The incoming MPEG-1 layer II audio data is decompressed and fed to XMMS which can then in...

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Platforms: PHP Visual GSM Lite SMS Server allows personalized broadcast of text/flash SMS messages using GSM modems or compatible GSM mobile phones via serial data cable or infrared link.

Features include the ability to send unicode/Chinese SMS messages, send log, import/export addressbook, auto-detect...

With one click you can stream your DV cam, webcam, games and desktop to hundreds of thousands of...

Platforms: Windows Broadcast Calendar Generator is a free utility for broadcasters (or anyone) who needs a reliable broadcast calendar on demand.

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Free software for automatic voice broadcast by phone. Use it for political campaign promotion, emergency notifications, bill collections, and much more.Platforms: Windows Video Chat Splitter driver allows you to easily multiply your web-camera (any models), video cameras ( any model: analog or ditial : VHS, DV, TV-IN or TV-tunner ) in video chat or video conference software like ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video, Camfrog, AOL AIM, Pal Talk, or... Platforms: Windows If you are broadcasting media over the Internet, Bitrate Broadcast Calculator will show the maximum users that can access your content without excessive buffering.Platforms: Windows Cam In Style is the first free webcam broadcasting software and service which supports 3D anaglyph broadcasting from two webcams. Just input your upload bandwidth and the bitrate of your stream.Emoticons, broadcast video and audio are supported. Platforms: Windows, *nix Unzipping (and zipping) made easy... Finally CAM Un Zip is an easy-to-use ZIP file utility that opens, creates and modifies ZIP files quickly and easily.Features include: -Un Zip any ZIP file archives quickly and easily -List files in the archive, extract all or selected... Download and install the software, create a Cam In Style account, and your webcam will be online...The program can generate broadcast calendars (Monday as first of the week, ending on last Sunday of the month) for any year from 1950 through 9999. Platforms: Windows The module creates the Airing (om_airing) and Broadcast Server Schedule Feed (om_feed) content types as well as the Feed Element Mapper mappings that map the RSS from the playback server to the Airing.