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Tiffany: Yes, I plan on doing porn for a long time. You must be getting flooded with an outrageous amount of fan mail, more than ever before. Tiffany: I am still fairly new in the porn industry.I’ve met so many new friends, traveled to places I’ve never been, and had a lot of fun doing my work. I’ve only been around for a month, but I’ve done a lot in the month and have quite a few followers and fans already.I love those girls 🙂 Caramel: Those are two amazing stars and I adore them as well.

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I’m still young, still attractive and I plan on making porn and pleasing fans and friends for a long time.Caramel: That’s awesome about the contract, but I’m sorry about the breakup. Caramel: Congratulations on your stunning new work at Shemale-Club, Tiffany!I had the chance to chat with you briefly before you made that leap and can’t remember why you were reluctant about it at first. Tiffany: First off thank you, I love Shemale-Club and they have offered me a contract with them. At the time I was going through some personal stuff.How do these interests play into you everyday life and relationships?

In other words, is it safe to say that if someone is interested in you, it’s pretty much a deal breaker if they don’t share some of these interests?I can relate to losing someone who’s not into porn.I actually can’t imagine a being in a relationship with someone who is anti-adult industry or perhaps not into to also to some posted, but you will not be kicked out of the group unless you go so crazy. This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.I’d seen your photos before the professional images were done and knew you’d be a major hit. I had a great girlfriend and she was against the whole porn industry.