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"She came to live out loud" touches the heart without being a tearjerker in any way.I first heard about this book on an NPR talk show and was moved by the way Ms.

Mac Pherson talked about her meeting with Anna and how she had been welcomed into the most private moments of the family. (By the way, you can listen to the archive edition of The Diane Rehm Show by going to [...]Eight weeks ago, my sister died from breast cancer.

Her valiant fight led her through a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, two bone marrow transplants, radiation and cervical fusion.

She and her supporters then endured three years of a gradually failing struggle to buy her more time.

Mac Pherson, instantly won by Anna's frank and appealing friendliness, came on board and followed the family through Anna's ordeal, her death, and the two years of grieving beyond.

" cackles Shakey Graves as he sits down on his red, mid-'70s Samonsite suitcase turned two-piece percussion set, ready to record live in The Current studio ahead of a gig at First Avenue.

Born Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Shakey Graves was an only son—queue the first song in his acoustic set—until age 10, when he was already convinced that he'd be his parents sole progeny.I've worked with literally hundreds of families that have made these kinds of choices and when the decision is one that's made by all of you together, it's perfectly appropriate. And in terms of a memory of you being bloated or not - again, those kinds of stark pictures that you view are sudden drastic shocks. They've been wonderful, like when I can't get out of bed, they love to feed me dinner.Like when the last time they saw you, you were fine and healthy in tennis shorts... They call me 'baby bird.' 'Feed the baby bird.' Ellery, I've used that boy to walk.Finally, the subject herself, Anna Johannessen, is an inspiration to stricken families and a range of cancer survivors. They don't know whether they're laying on a boob or on a rib.My only worry with readership is that for some women in Anna's shoes, badly in need of the inspiration she might offer, Anna may appear too brave, too loved, to surrounded by caring supporters, in a word not enough like themselves to turn to for comfort. Nonetheless I would recommend it to the full range of potential readers.[In the following excerpts, Anna and Dottie Ward-Wimmer discuss whether her dying at home will make home a traumatic place for the children] Anna: "Once I'm in morphine land, I'll be pretty whacked out. I think it's going to be bad enough." Dottie [taking deep breath]: "Kids are traumatized by things they don't understand, by things they can't participate in - that they have to stand there and watch and they can't do anything about. Children are not necessarily traumatized [by experiencing dying]. They're laying on Mommy." Anna: "I never even thought about that."On one level ['Only Son'] is very literal," Rose-Garcia says, "But it's also a larger analogy for trying to grow into relationships with people, specifically people of the opposite sex." Off his third studio album, "Only Son"—'s second track—also serves as a transition for longtime fans of Shakey Graves. From there on in the album it kind of shifts back and forth between older templates and newer stuff that I'm going for," says Shakey.