Can we survive without dating romance and love

So I don’t think a serious relationship can survive without sex as it’s a necessity, just like love." - "Even though love is important, sex is too.

A relationship is like a boat, love keeps it from sinking and sex makes the boat rock.

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Sex adds spice to a relationship and is extremely important as everybody has needs that need to be satisfied." - "Sure can live without sex! If I’m in love, then time would not matter but if I was in a relationship for the heck of it, then the girl has to give me what I want or I’ll be walking to the next girl who can." So it seems that while love forms the bedrock of a relationship, sex plays a big, vital role in keeping it going. Well interestingly enough my wife shows me zero affection, the only time i see her affectionate is when she is with her friends.So it got me wondering about how important sex actually is in a relationship - and no, I’m not talking about teeny-booper romance, where a lot of behind the bus kisses are involved. Psychologist Dr Sharita Shah says, "A physical level of intimacy is only natural and is necessary between a couple, to show a level of comfort and affection. You may express emotions verbally but nothing says it better than physical intimacy." Everyone wants to feel comfortable with their partners, they want that sense of openness and closeness and physical intimacy, says Dr Shah, is the route to that."Everyone has urges, like hunger urges, sleep urges, even sexual needs are necessary and biological in nature." There are a small fraction of people who maintain a relationship without sex, adds Dr Shah, saying that it could be because either one or both people in the relationship have their own reservations; or it maybe because of their upbringing or because they want to preserver their virginity till marriage."Sex is necessary to sustain a relationship.Romans 12 highlights two actions you can take to keep the intimacy in your marriage: love genuinely and give preference to one another.

Love Genuinely (Romans 12:9) In ancient Greece, the word "hypocrisy" was used to describe those who acted in stage plays.

Typically, it will last about five to seven seconds. Well, consider emotional intimacy the oxygen in your marriage.

Without intimacy, your marriage will slowly begin to die out.

While I'm not suggesting you deny your well-being or health for your mate's sake, I am advising that you actively look for ways that you can put your mate first.

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While physical intimacy is essential, the heart of a marriage is the emotional connection (otherwise sex can become a duty, necessary evil, and conjure up resentment).