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After the third issue the series went on a hiatus until 2005, when Smith revealed he had finally finished writing the scripts.Smith has stated, "While I have zero defense for my lateness (particularly when folks like Bendis turn out great stories in multiple books on a monthly basis), I will say this: it's a much better story now than it would've been had I completed it back in '02." In the mid-2000s, she starred alongside Wolverine in a limited comic book miniseries titled Claws.It's been a few years since I lost my cat Bubba, but fairly soon after he died, our family mantra became, "He was some cat, wasn't he?

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There isn't a huge amount of difference from comforting a friend over the loss of a cat than for the loss of a human family member.As you are aware, I'm sure, most of us consider our cats as family members.If you have talents in the arts, a loving memorial would be a special poem, a painting, drawing, or framed photograph would be a thoughtful gift.A friend of mine composed a memorial song dedicated to my Shannon when he passed away, and it brought both smiles, tears, and happy memories.I created her for Spider-Woman (look at the letter column of the first B. So, I never even thought of Catwoman when I did her.

I got the idea for her from a Tex Avery cartoon, Bad Luck Blackie." Writer/director Kevin Smith began writing the Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do miniseries in 2002.

In 1979, creator Marv Wolfman was looking for a female foil for Spider-Woman.

He decided to base a character on a Tex Avery cartoon "Bad Luck Blackie", in which a black cat brought misfortune to anyone in close proximity.

On the bottom of the letters page of The Amazing Spider-Man #194, a thumbnail of the intended cover for Spider-Woman #9 appears along with a rejected cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #194.

Wolfman said in an interview, "I didn't plan Black Cat to be in Spidey. I then decided to leave Spider-Woman and moved her over.

A sequel to this miniseries, entitled Claws II, began publication in July 2011.