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In the northern parts and on the east coast the rainfall is less, while in the desert districts of Sind, Rajputana, etc. About the Himalayas the conditions approach more nearly to those of Europe.

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The people as a whole are of a mild and inoffensive character, and obsequious to the European; and except for a chance of robbery among the remote hill tribes, the traveller is everywhere as safe as he would be in any part of Europe.India is covered over with a network of railways, along which the chief business centres and the chief objects of interest for the traveller are situated — the rest being accessible by journeys of a few miles by along decent roads.“Reverend Goodman was a very bad man.” The diocese has previously settled lawsuits connected to abuse by Goodman involving at least 13 people.Bishop Daniel Jenky has ousted several priests accused of abuse.The Indian Empire, as at present constituted, comprises (besides the peninsula) Burma, Aden, the Laccadive, Maldive, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands, but does not include Ceylon, which is a Crown colony politically distinct.

Its total area exceeds 1,800,000 square miles — fifteen times that of the United Kingdom, nearly one — sixth of the area of the whole British Empire, and three- quarters of the area of Europe.In the tropical portions there are two hot seasons, the one before and the other after the rains (May and October).With due precautions against exposure to the sun, avoidance of chills, a carefully adjusted diet and judiciously regulated exercise, Europeans find the country on the whole healthy though enervating; but any weakness in the constitution is more likely to reveal itself there than at home, especially among men who go out after the prime of life.The land frontier measures about 6,000, and the coast line about 9,000, miles.It will be useful at the outset to point out the impossibility of forming one united conception of anything connected with India.The climate is on the whole dry and rainless for two-thirds of the year, during which time crops are possible only by means of irrigation.