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"But if I could give any advice to girls that get hate when they have close friendships with a guy is that at the end of the day, all that matters is that you surround yourself with people that make you happy and if people around you hate on you for that, then they're not really people you want in your life anyway." BOOM. And as for whether or not we can expect new Shamila music soon, Camila says she's definitely down.

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Camila took home two awards with Shawn for "I Know What You Did Last Summer", — one for Best Pop Video and another for Fan Favorite Video — at the i Heart Radio Much Music Video Awards this weekend.

Fifth Harmony also took home two awards, Most Buzzworthy International Group and Fan Fave International Group.

In the issue, the Gilmore Girls star opens up on playing the role of unconventional single mom, her relationship with former Parenthood co-star Peter Krause, her inspiration to writing her now best-selling novel, and more.

Selena Gomez stole the show at the American Music Awards on Sunday night (November 20) by delivering a passionate speech to her fans as she accepted the Female Pop/Rock Artist trophy.

We caught up with Camila after to talk about how she deals with the endless speculation and rumors surrounding her friendship with Shawn.

"When it comes to Shawn the speculation doesn't really bother me because we're just really great friends," she said.

Some stars may go through partners like the rest of the world goes through toothbrushes, but one thing is for certain -- celeb on celeb romances are just too irresistable not to talk about.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five potentially new showbiz pairings that have the entire internet abuzz.

However, that's all about to change now that Prince Harry is "secretly dating" the star, according to the Huffington Post. If it becomes serious and they decide to go public, Markle may be the next Kate Middleton.

The 47-year-old 'Jenny From The Block' hitmaker, known by many as J-Lo has confirmed her new romance with none other than rapper Drake, 17 years her junior.

A 22-year-old woman filed a police report in April 2016, claiming Salling forced himself upon her four years ago, shortly after they started dating.