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Lost to the earth after the death of the early apostles, the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith, the first Mormon prophet.

By heavenly decree the priesthood and constituent sealing power were passed from Joseph to others, including the apostles, in the Mormon Church.

This does not indicate a marriage that takes place in heaven, but rather a kind of marriage that is heavenly in nature; it is divine in its origin and potential.

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Children can be sealed to their parents by the same authority, with the expectation that the entire family structure can endure through this life and extend into the hereafter.

If a couple was sealed together prior to the birth of their children, then those children are, in Mormon terminology, born in the covenant, and partakers of the divine promise possible through the sealing of their parents.

The divine power is used to seal marriages in the temples, thus establishing the foundation for eternal familiesthe type of families that God wants His children to have.

If a man and woman have been married only by a civilly recognized authority (such as a government or religious representative), their marriage will end at death.

A couple shows their continued desire for their marriage to be eternal by following Christ in their daily life.

Faithful Mormons who have been sealed together strive to understand and keep God's commandments.

Rather, eternal marriages are a constant work in progress.

Although the start of the eternal marriage may be dated from the point at which the sealing was done with proper authority, the couple must live their lives in a way worthy of the blessing of eternal marriage.

They continually try to be like Christ, seeking to be humble, patient, honest, obedient, loving, forgiving, and kind.

These are but a few of the godly attributes which they try to instill in their lives and in their relationship.

After a couple has been sealed together by the proper authority, and after they have proven their commitment to an eternal marriage through persistent actions, they have the opportunity to have their sealing confirmed by God's Holy Spirit.